Paving the path that confirmation is not equal to mistrust. 

Our Mission

Halal Background Checks was started with one sole mission to equip Muslim women with the key answers they seek when getting married and empower them to make informed decisions.

As the first premarital background check company solely focused on providing essential information to Muslim women to empower their choices of a spouse, we understand the unique position we are placed in to uphold the importance of fact-checking.

Because, the truth is — as a Muslim woman, you are made to feel guilty for wanting to find answers until you start to doubt your choice to seek answers. 

Say, No more, to your Guilt and Doubt. At Halal Background checks, we have your back all the way. We are here to provide you with the peace of mind you need to find the answers you seek, without doubt and guilt. 

Getting married is a lifelong decision that requires making educated choices.

Halal Background Checks is led by professionals dedicated to finding you answers that are thorough, discreet, and comprehensive. 

Meet Our Founders

Mahamed Mahamed

Founder of Halal Background Checks

Mahamed has an associate in health science and a bachelor’s with a double major in manufacturing & quality from the University of Minnesota. Because of his love for continuous growth, he is currently earning a Master of Science in Occupational Safety.

Mahamed’s numerous safety experiences include: safety incident reporting, safety report writing, enforcing safety programs, data entry, root cause analysis, safety incident investigation, safety audits, safety inspections, creating safety data sheets, and promoting a zero-injury and safety culture.
Mahamed is guided by his passion to put people first and to keep them safe. He is an avid believer that if there is something to do to prevent harm, the choice is always to take action to prevent that harm.

Mahamed is committed to keeping people safe and offering them peace of mind.

Mohamed Mahamed

Co-Founder of Halal Background Checks

Mohamed has over 6 years of sales experience. He is also vastly equipped with knowledge of program management from his time as a program advisor where he served as a consultant. He has a double major in Marketing & Supply chain/Operations Management.

Mohamed has always believed that marketing is not about the number of sales but rather the impact a company can have on people by marketing the right services or products.

Mohamed is passionate about business, marketing, and overall serving others to create impact. He brings his passion for marketing, sales, and content creation to Halal Background Checks, in pursuit of transparency and fact-checking.

Our Story

As fellow university students, Mahamed and Mohamed noticed a shift in the number of people using dating apps during the 2021 pandemic. People could no longer meet in person because of the pandemic. What was surprising, however, was the increase in the divorce rate in the Muslim community. People were losing trust in one another and no longer tolerating misinformation.

The idea of Halal Background Checks was born during this period. Lockdowns meant a lot of people were left to seek potential spouses online. Which increased the number of people you knew nothing about who could easily hide behind a screen, crafting stories that hype you up but did not give you the confidence you sought.

People were no longer looking to trust without verification because of how easy it has become for anyone to pretend to be something they are not while surfing behind the veil of the internet.

While there are a lot of people who are transparent and forthcoming, many still tell fabricated stories to gain your trust.

By combining old-world traditions with new-world technology.

In many cultures, the process of marriage is very methodical, and the family is always involved in qualifying and making sure that suitors are suitable for their family

When the number of people meeting online and the divorce rates increased, there was a rise in the number of people seeking the traditional touch in finding a spouse.

Halal Background Check was born out of necessity to give marriage-seeking individuals the power to make choices backed up with research and thorough background checks. 

We believe that background checks should not be about numbers but rather about people. That is why at Halal Background Checks we curate an experience of empowering your choices by giving you all the answers you need in a personalized way. 

At Halal Background Checks, we believe in your power to safeguard your future and your children by taking calculated risks. 

The goal? To free you from regret, doubt, and worries. 

Join us in our journey to empower Muslim women to have all the tools they need to make educated choices.



We believe in complete transparency. We promise to always be open and honest with you.


Your privacy is of utmost value to us and keeping your identity safe is our number one goal.


We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity. Because of this, we will always aim to introduce services that only bring you great value.


We believe in putting people first and treating everyone with compassion. Every day we strive to bring you peace of mind and put the needs of your family first.


Our clients are family. And just like we will protect our family, we will protect your needs and security.